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The Hollidaysburg Herald offers three advertising options. For more information or to discuss how these advertising opportunities can work for your business, please send an email to [email protected] or call (814) 793-2144 and ask for Allan. The three levels of advertiser support are:

1. A Founding Sponsor Level. At this level, the advertiser can place a message in the rectangular box to the right of the nameplate on the Herald’s main (first) page and all Section pages (News, Opinion, Lifestyle). This advertising option comes with a news story written about the business and its support of the Hollidaysburg Herald and community journalism. The news story can include several photos. This story will be written by one of the Herald’s professional journalists and the photos taken by a professional news photographer. The content is largely under the control of the Founding Sponsor. This level of advertising is $250 per month for a calendar month. The Founding Sponsor Level will be identified as a Founding Sponsor when the Hollidaysburg Herald communicates directly with readers, as in editorials or statements of policy. The Founding Sponsors will also be identified in the Herald’s “About” section.

2. The Community Support Level. This level includes a placement of the advertiser’s message in the large rectangular ad which appears at the upper right of the nameplate on pages with specific news stories on them. These advertising messages also appear at the bottom of each Section Page (News, Opinion or Lifestyle). This level of support is $175 per month.

3. The Community Booster Level. This level allows the advertiser to place a square ad which appears to the right of content on all of the Herald’s pages. This level of support is $75 per month.

All levels of advertising include, free of charge, a link to the advertiser’s Facebook page or website. (Clicking on the advertisement will take the reader directly to the Facebook page or website.)

For more information about any of these options, please contact the Hollidaysburg Herald by sending an email to [email protected] or call (814) 793-2144 and ask for Allan.

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