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Duncansville Community Days: Expect great things!


Last updated 11/15/2019 at 11:55am

On Nov. 4, Lloyd Forshey stepped down from the Duncansville Community Days Board. Eric Fritz and Pam Jones were appointed to take his place. Forshey ended his tenure by reviewing important happenings of the past year since Community Days 2018.

Forshey briefly went over the expenditures and income from the 2018 season showing that a lot of money goes into making the weekend a great experience for the community, but with little profit. Because the Duncansville Community Center stated that it could not supply chairs and tables for the 2018 season due to an event which didn't happen, the Duncansville Borough Council agreed to pay for half of the rental expenditures in the amount of $124.

The has been a yearlong lawsuit going on between Community Days and ‘The BuffetMan.” Buffetman was scheduled to perform in 2018. It ended up raining and Buffetman left, taking the money, hotel rooms, and meals. Buffetman wanted to “make it good” with Community Days, and come back only if Community Days paid him an extra $500.

Lloyd Forshey said, “No way, you were paid, used our hotel rooms, and ate our meals, and didn’t play, but I expect you to perform.”

It ended up in court with multiple hearings. First hearing, the defendant did not appear in person but over the phone, and he made an offer to return $1,500 in five installments of $300 each. Forshey declined. Buffetman came back with an offer of $2,000 in one payment if Community Days dropped the lawsuit. Forshey accepted the settlement with the agreement that if it isn't paid by Nov. 20, Community Days will go forward, only accepting full payment.

Borough council agreed to cover $7,500 towards a new storage shed and electrical needs since it is run-down and almost destroyed due to age and water damage.

Forshey did get approval for the 2019 Community Days dates. However, he did not ask for approval for the Cabin Fever Dance in January. Pam Jones will be attending the council meeting to get approval for the Cabin Dance to be held on Jan. 25. Duncansville Borough also needs to renew its gambling license for the 2020 year.

With that last statement, Lloyd Forshey said, “It was a pleasure working with you the past three years. I think we brought Community Days way back from where it was, and I told Eric and Pam that anything they need from me as far as advice or anything, I am more than happy to do that. But other than that, I am ready to turn it over to Pam and Eric.”

Pam replied, “Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.”

During the rest of the meeting, items were brought up that things need to get done to make Community Days successful. Volunteers are a must for setup, teardown and running booths. The board wishes that churches would participate once again. Ideas were thrown around to bring different age groups to Community Days. Some ideas were more small games of chance and a Rubber Duckie Derby. Forshey volunteered to get the entertainment supplied for the 2020 Community Days.

The meeting concluded with many ideas to work with, but nothing was finalized. The next Community Days meeting was not scheduled as of Nov. 4.


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